Putting on the Wellies 8: Conferencing for Crime

From Crime Bake 2018 (Woburn, MA): November 2018

Two incredibly useful lectures this weekend:

Geoff Symon (geoffsymon.com) lecture on representing a realistic crime scene, including jurisdiction, the 4th Amendment, search warrants, the meh of motive, Locard’s Principle, chain of custody, direct & circumstantial evidence, crime scene processing, first responders, documenting a scene, probable cause. A mine of information supplemented by his various books in the FORENSICS FOR FICTION series including AUTOPSIES, CRIME SCENES, and BLOOD SPATTER.

Deborah Halber on true crime and the search for missing persons and identification of the dead. Her lecture included examples, facial reconstruction,the NamUs website.  Her book is HOW AMATEUR SLEUTHS ARE SOLVING AMERICA’S COLDEST CASES.