In the refectory, pupils assembled for the Ogre Holiday Feast around a Santa carcass & trimmings. Drool dripped freely as the house master served hearty portions of goodness & joy. Only the store Santa came pre-pickled & gave everyone a bellyache.


The beginning, a slow unfurling of passion’s silken petals under night’s mantle of awe, a piercing celebration of the conjoining of self & other.

The ending, a sweep of the bright landscape for pleasures yet to be indulged.


Christmas meant modest indulgence but New Year promised total annihilation.

When Tansy collapsed outside Club Raunch, she moaned, “Medical researchers snatched my vital organs.”

Carys said, “Just hooked them up to life support. Your legs still work?”



The master class in plotting was for me cuz I planned to knock Rowling off her wand. 1st class, we assembled w/ trowels in the non-mans-land to the projects.

The prof said, “In Potting 301, we grow community veggies.”

Doleful, I asked, “Is marijuana a veg?”


The master mason strolled around his might tower designed to repel the heaviest catapult. Within the wall dwelt the entire village w/ food to last a generation. A creak of wheels & groan of enemy oxen, and he raced for the door. Sugar. No door.


In a coup d’etat he created palls of fear & gloom by striving to end war thru savagery. His weapons killed, poisoned, and burned until nations collapsed along w/ their institutions of privilege & xenophobia. A new beginning, a flowering of equality.


From the beginning to the end, she hid everything from him, even her real name & purpose. Maybe he suspected; anyway, he never stayed till morning, so no honeyed toast memorials to their love-making & no cooling coffee to foreshadow the inevitable. CHEVROLET