Putting on the Long Distance Wellies: 4

The tour of the tigers!

The beauty of India.
The fecundity principle.

In the event you ever want the the Indian sub-continent in a story–some good background for not-my-own-voice authors:

HIMALAYA: MOUNTAINS OF LIFE by Kamal Bawa and Sandesh Kadur with a foreword by my wildlife hero George Schaller, and Sandesh is pretty cool too. A pictorial journey to blow the mind.

CITY OF DJINNS: A YEAR IN DELHI by William Dalyrimple, as well as several other books from a British perspective. Dalyrimple is an incredibly engaging writer of history.

Icelandic photos to follow:

LAST PLACES: A JOURNEY IN THE NORTH  by Lawrence Millman. Five-star wonderful prose about the landscape and culture of Iceland that somehow makes seal blubber appealing!