SERIAL TWEET FEST: 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43

Gran meant everything to Mazie. When she’d needed blood, Mazie stepped up plenty. But a kidney? Maybe if Bully Prep had fight rules, but losing an organ w/ only 1 spare was like castling into checkmate. Shit. Who could she bully into donating?

The kids who killed Ezz in a prank gone wrong dodged the cops by helicoptering out. From the dorm window, Mazie swore she’d never let up on them whatever the cost. A supernova of fireworks & shrapnel told her Ezz’ dad had stepped up.

Jules manages to swan up the steps in front of Mazie, & she manages not to chuck him over the rail. At the top of the water slide, he pulls her to his lap so they’re facing. Helter-skeltering, they hold the kiss until they separate in the plunge.

He’s screwed Alba, but Mazie didn’t care about lust. Her cheek lay on the rise & fall of his chest muscles, and their 2 breaths mumbled sweet nothings. Longing for no more or less, she made room for bliss.

//Jules comes to Mazie around midnight, & at last they can breathe together, until her fingers find the swirls of scabs across his alabaster chest. She will not look at the desecration, memento of Alba’s dare. ‘Go,’ she snarls.

//Mazie was a tad uncertain but Jules said she’d feel better. Cuffs, riding crop & black catsuit were kinky, but she fettered him to the bed. His naked pallor shone thru the gloom. Yes, she did get a rush when his blasted tattoo drowned in blood.