Sneak Preview: Mystery


Women’s fiction set in Cape Cod.

Photo by Susan Shea.

SNIPPET: Mom fell asleep with the morphine plunger curled inside her palm, air whistling softly through her nose. I passed time in the medicinal hush of her room by sorting out her jewelry box. Even a guess at the overall value was beyond me, but the black-lacquer box with a red-dragon motif had to be a Chinese antique. The countdown was reduced to days instead of weeks, but I paired earrings and released pearls and chokers from their tangles as if Mom might wear them again.

Beneath the jewelry lay a square wad of expensive paper. Unfolded, the perforations had weakened the creases as if Mom had re-read that letter a million times. It was headed, “Powers Cottage, The Hook, Indian Midden, Cape Cod,” and below that, “August 13, 1976.” 

I grabbed Mom’s bulky laptop and Googled the writer, Hugh presumably Powers of Powers Cottage. He must have been someone special in Mom’s life before he kidnapped that girl and Mom dumped him.