An upper middle-grade Work-in-Progress in the final stages of editing:

A post-Earth fantasy adventure of space dragons, magic, and humankind divided into two factions: Landers who inhabit the surface under the feudal authority of a king, his tame dragons, and his wizards; and Corsairs, outcasts who survive by endlessly sailing the cosmos for pillage.

Magic was newborn in humankind when it rode in on the tail of Earth’s collapse to trigger a total exodus and the usurpation of distant planets. Through rogue solar bombardment, wizardry flourished in subsequent generations but faded when science could not replicate the atmospheric cauldron of its origins. 


16-year-old Tar-Jack, a Lander forcibly impressed into service by Corsairs and the handler of Hogarth, an irrepressible modified-earth rat.

Jack’s twin Tar-Roland, inducted as a cadet into the king’s Wizard Guild and the fugitive guardian of a flighty infant dragon he names Damsel.


The ozone layer but wisps, Sol killed the world but triggered the magic of wizardly-AI interface. At last humanity had hope of survival through engineering innovation and its corollary cruelties. Black despair flew them to the stars but their magic grew fickle in alien climes. 

All the spaceships were Earth-constructions at a time human ingenuity & wizardry peaked, but no one foresaw the violence of the asteroid belt or the space beasts they called dragons. Even warded warships broke & burned like vintage matchsticks.

Scarp is a fictional dwarf planet in the Kuiper belt. It is bleak and mountainous, the origin world of interstellar dragon-kind but highly toxic to human life and magic.

Prequel Snippet:

A dragon mating dance is said to last an orbital span, the queen and her consort space-borne amid mirroring stars that endlessly reflect the sinuous tangle of their colors and forms in motion. Their harmonies catch the wind and inspire in us, the wingless, a doleful envy.

TWITTER pitches:

a. A lowly space corsair, Jack longs to reconnect with his magical twin, a trainee wizard in the king’s court. Jack escapes to fulfill his goal, but Roland has fled with a needy infant dragon. On separate paths to the same end, the boys face down wizards, dragons, and their own limitations.

b. A toxic planet has robbed settlers of compassion and their most potent magic. Twins Jack and his identical but magical brother, who plays guardian to a newly hatched dragon, pledge allegiance to the dragon queen. Their task, the restoration of dragon ascendancy.


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