By Suzan Boucher

A Middle-Grade Work-in-Progress in the final stages of editing:

A post-Earth fantasy adventure of space dragons, magic, and humankind in two factions. The factions are Landers who inhabit the surface under the feudal authority of a king, his tamed dragons, and his wizards; and Corsairs, outcasts who survive by endlessly sailing the cosmos to pillage.


16-year-old Tar-Jack, a Lander forcibly impressed into service by Corsairs and the handler of Hogarth, an irrepressible modified-earth rat.

Jack’s twin Tar-Roland, inducted as a cadet into the king’s Wizard Guild and the fugitive guardian of a flighty infant dragon he names Damsel.


A dwarf planet in the Kuiper belt, bleak and mountainous home world to interstellar dragon-kind and highly toxic to humans who name the planet Scarp.

Snippet: The infant dragons tucked in his cloak, Jack glowers in the face of the wind skimming off the northern glacier. It’s his heart that howls and complains. He proved his loyalty to the queen, but her decree exiles him with the rest of humanity.