Cecily Winter is a fake person with a real face, a writing habit, a website (cecilywinter.com), and a story about a tiger.

Photo of a tiger
My personal reminder of mortality.

Welcome to the catalog of my scribbles past and present:

FICTION CATEGORY: Short stories published and available for purchase; previews of novels in progress; a tongue-in-cheek collection of tweets about Bully Prep and its wired students; and a brief list of published stories that can be read on site. Included in the overall list are various tweets, some potential or actual story seeds.


ACADEMIC PUBLICATIONS (by Susan B. Iwanisziw, Ph.D.), a list of my books, chapters, journal articles, and encyclopedia articles dealing in the main with British and American literature, feminism, race, and slavery.

READING FOR WRITERS BLOG, including idiosyncratic five-star reviews of novels and some science books; research tips for writers, with a couple of structural reviews of fab stories for imitation; revision and submission tips. 

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