Elliott Downing: The Keys of the Kingdom. Self-Published. A compelling short fiction dealing with the public exploitation of private grief and the protagonist’s obsessive journey in coming to terms with it. (January 2019)

Dawn Hosmer: Bits & Pieces. Ant Colony Press, Division of the Olive Group LLC. Not the most thrilling scenic or character depiction, nor an authorial reaching for brilliant linguistic heights, but this narrative is raised to brilliance by its twist on the serial killer trope and, after a fairly obvious climax, a wondrously unexpected twist. (February 2019)

M. Morgan: Tokolosh Men. Self-published on Amazon. A compelling narrative almost entirely in stream-of-consciousness that roller-coasters the reader into a working man’s rise to godhead or descent into madness by virtue of two seemingly malign African carvings. The protagonist Keir has a gift for rumination on the sorry state of humanity as well as the knack of the surprise reveal as he teeters between love and rage, forgiveness and vengeance. Some infelicities in the editing but they are minor and not distracting from the juggernaut of this man’s furious search for meaning in a random world. (March 2019)