The kids who killed Ezz in a prank gone wrong dodged the cops by helicoptering out. From the dorm window, Mazie swore she’d never let up on them whatever the cost. A supernova of fireworks & shrapnel told her Ezz’ dad had stepped up.

The fleet of parents’ cars blocked every inch around the auditorium where Alba was to present the annual endowment speech 3 minutes ago. Only options, under or over the vehicles–dirt or dings. Dings it was as she cartwheeled from roof to roof.

‘It’s a dare. No crumbling to component sawdust just cuz Alba locked us in the freezer,’ Mazie says.

Jock-boy shivers. No one told him to play in the gym rags, but she enjoys his bod. She’s heard things about woodies in the cold; time to find out?