The void, which knew no time or place, gobbled Seb up, & I shifted to a spot where he wouldn’t hit me when he arrived. I passed time by walking in circles. O, where was he? Over & over, I called him & scoured the void. He’d been unready for this lesson. ***

The motel door ajar, I near choked on the sour gin shooting up my gullet.  My hands shook, & not with the DTs. Obviously some dirtbag broke in. Needy for cash or a fix? But the light thru the window outlined no kids asleep in the queen. O, Lord, what did I do? ***

‘We track your lies, cheating, apathy & bad breath.’

‘I agree my social credit’s not the best. I suggest you disconnect.’

‘It’s not in my op instructions. I have to report you.’

He smashes Alexa with a hammer & makes a call.

‘My Alexa’s kaput. Got a bug up her ass.’