Ezz buried, her dad told Mazie to keep her things–only regular school & gym stuff & a keycard for a locker in town. Out tumbled the essence of Ezz: cash, taser, photo of Mazie kicking boy ass, pj button stash, & a rose-pink My Little Pony unicorn.

The controversial “Chosen One” of ’19 waved the 1st-semester-survivor cup that Mazie won for combat, academics, & enviability. Applause didn’t distract her from his cavernous nostrils where he likely hid the missing awards panelists.

Gran meant everything to Mazie. When she’d needed blood, Mazie stepped up plenty. But a kidney? Maybe if Bully Prep had fight rules, but losing an organ with only 1 spare was like castling into checkmate. Shit. Who could she bully into donating?